Inauteria Lantz

Lantz preserves one of the most old traditions in Navarre: its Carnival (which was declared an Asset of Cultural Interest in 2009). On Shrove Tuesday, this small town becomes a traditional representation in which locals get involved. Most of the town gets dressed as Txatxus with very colourful clothes.

The aim of the Txatxus is to 'hunt' the bandit named Miel Otxin. They have the help of Ziripot, who is the strongest character in town. Many other characters participate in the Carnival, for example Zaldiko (a wooden horse) and the Herreros (blacksmiths).

Every year on Sunday Carnival, Gero Axular brings this festivity to the streets of San Sebastián, which are filled with colour and dancing around Ziripo and the help of our txistularis (Basque flute players).