NAME OF THE FESTIVAL: Grand Prix of Folklore - lnternational Folklore dance Festival for the
Federate State Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

CITY: Ribnitz COUNTRY: Germany

DATE: 21/07/2017-02/08/2017

PARTICIPANTS: Seniors + musicians

OTHER PARTICIPANTS: Germany, Hungary, Lithuania, Peru, Poland, Ukraine

INFORMATION ABOUT THE FESTIVAL: The dance group «Richard Wossidlo» from Ribnitz, invited foreign groups in 1990 to celebrate a folk festival. Since then, the festival is celebrated every year, with children, young and adults editions. This year, the 28th edition is being held and it is targeted at adults. Apart from dance and music performances, dance workshops and different events will take place; it is a wonderful opportunity to know about other countries' culture and traditions and to make new friends.